Can I wear contact lenses?

"Yes, it is very likely that you are able to wear contact lenses! Australia has the lowest rate of contact lens wear in the Western World. Less than 10% of spectacle wearers wear contact lenses. About 90% of spectacle wearers could wear contact lenses at least part of the time. Common reasons for this low wearing rate are: never being told by their practitioner that contact lenses are an option, fear of contact lenses hurting, the belief that contact lenses are fiddly, or the perceived cost being high. None of these are good reasons! Some people shouldn't wear contact lenses; for example, people with diabetes or other diseases that suppress the immune or healing systems, people with dry eyes or chronic eye allergies, people with chronic eyelid infections, etc. Some environments aren't suitable for contact lenses, such a very dry, dusty, smoky or dirty places or jobs.
Your optometrist will be able to assess your eyes to determine if you are a candidate for contact lens wear."

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