How can I make my specs thinner?

"Optometrists and optical dispensers can do fantastic things with lenses to make them look thinner and less noticeable.
There is a wide range of lens materials they can be made out of; 'high index' materials bend light more so the curves don't have to be as steep, so they are thinner.
Lenses can be made using aspheric surfaces. This can dramatically flatten the curves of lenses, particularly if you are hyperopic or presbyopic.
A smaller frame can make a huge difference to the edge thickness of glasses. Even a couple of millimetres reduction in lens size can lead to a big reduction in edge thickness for myopes, or centre thickness for hyperopes.
Hyperopes' lenses can be made thinner by making or grinding the lens to fit a certain frame. Rather than using a large, pre-manufactured lens, by grinding the lenses for a particular frame, the lens can be made as thin as possible.
Finally, if the lenses are treated with an anti-reflective coat, the lenses can be almost invisible, as well as giving clearer vision."

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