At Budget Eyewear stores, we carefully select our range of frames and sunglasses to suit our customers. With a focus on the needs of our local community, we know who our customers are and what’s important to them. We understand that frames and sunglasses are just as much about your look as a new hair-do or outfit. We have a huge variety of styles and colours at different prices, which are sure to suit your needs.

We can also fit your sunglasses with prescription lenses. Just like your skin, your eyes need protection from the sun too, so you can wave goodbye to glare and say hello sunshine!

If you're not sure what style suits you best, our helpful staff are always there to assist.

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We stock a range of lens types, materials and options to suit all lifestyles and eyes. This means together with our friendly staff we'll match your needs to the latest in lens technology. Available in participating stores only.

Lens Types

Single vision lenses
These lenses are suitable for near or far distances, making them perfect for every situation.

Bi-focal lenses
Bi-focals offer two fields of vision in the one set of glasses - distance and near and are divided into two distinct parts.

These revolutionary lenses let you see close-up and far off objects seamlessly. With a continuous, gradual change from distance to intermediate to near vision, you get the best of both worlds, from the one set of lenses.

Base Lens Materials

You never know what life will throw at you, that's why all of our base lenses in our packages are scratch resistant plastic lenses. Anti-scratch layers dramatically reduce scratches for longer lasting vision. However if you your lifestyle tells you, you may need something extra, then the following lenses may be better suited.

Active lenses
(also known as polycorbonate)

  • Lightweight - they're made from a lighter lens material, up to 27% lighter than ordinary plastic lenses, so more comfortable.
  • Safer - they're 10 times more impact-resistant than ordinary plastic lenses, reducing the risk of eye injury. They have built in UV protection to screen out 99.9% of the sun's harmful UV rays.
  • Thinner - they're far less noticeable for a more natural look.
Our Active lenses are right for the majority of prescriptions we're presented with. They're thin, light and very, very strong.
Active lenses
  • Super thin
  • Super
  • Super strong
  • UV resistant
Standard plastic
  • Scratch resistant
  • UV resistant
When Active lenses are hit with
a 500g projectile at a height of
1.27m they remain intact.
When standard plastic lenses
are hit by a 500g projectile at
a height of 1.27m they may
Just because you have high to medium strength prescription, doesn't mean you should have to wear coke-bottle glasses. That's why our Hi-Index lenses are thinner and lighter than standard lenses, and are ideal for strong prescriptions. Most give 99.9% UV protection, and all of our Hi-Index lenses include Invisibles Ultra.

The Extras

To make your life easier, you can upgrade your lenses with the latest in advanced optical technology.

Invisibles Ultra
Invisibles Ultra is the créme de la créme of lenses. It's a special coating applied to the lens which resists dirt, water and smudges. Other features include:
  • anti-reflective - reflections are reduced by up to 80% for better vision, and help other people to see you more clearly.
  • rain and smudge repellent - the slippery coating means dirt and grease virtually slide off - you'll even see better in the rain. They stay cleaner longer and are much easier to clean.
  • This coating is great for computer work, night driving and as an added bonus no reflections will show up in photos!
Our Invisibles Ultra treatment reduces reflections by up to 80%

Without Invisibles Ultra

With Invisibles Ultra

Without Invisibles Ultra

With Invisibles Ultra
Polarised lenses
If you live for the outdoors, then you'll love our range of polarised lenses. Super strong, they're the only lens that block out all of the sun's glare and UV rays. They also allow for better clarity and brighter colours, so are perfect outdoor sports like fishing, boating, and skiing.

View without polarised lenses

View with polarised lenses
DriveWear lenses
Revolutionary DriveWear sunglass lenses are perfect for drivers, golfers, anglers and more. They combine two very special technologies: polarisation and Transitions®.
  • The lens colour automatically adjusts to different light conditions - overcast, daylight and bright light - both inside and outside the car.
  • They provide superior glare protection, optimum vision and are available for most single vision and progressive prescriptions.
  • They screen out 99% of harmful UV radiation.

View without DriveWear lenses

View with DriveWear lenses
UV protection and Tinted lenses
Lenses with UV protection and tint screen out 99.9% of harmful UV radiation that can cause nasty things like cataracts and macular degeneration.
Transitions® lenses
After a lens that gives you a two for one option? Well look no further that Transitions® lenses. They adjust to different levels of light, so are clear indoors but darken in ultraviolet light to protect you from glare and UV. They're excellent for everyday lenses, but not a substitute for sunglasses.
Do you have an active lifestyle? Or perhaps don't like to wear glasses? Not a problem! We stock all types of contact lenses to suit your needs, including disposable, daily, fortnightly, monthly through to extended wear, conventional and coloured. Ask one of our participating stores about a contact lens trial and consultation with an optometrist.
Little people sometimes need help seeing too, so we carry a wide selection in our participating stores of the latest colours and ranges of frames that are hard wearing, so they feel cool in the playground and you can be assured that they can see in the classroom.